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Food designed to fuel
Products designed to nourish


Introducing Cookie Mix!

Our collection of lactation cookies are packed with milk boosting foods like oats, flaxseed, and brewers yeast. Just a few cookies a day will have you reaching for your milk collectors! 

During the warmer months we are not able to safely ship our frozen dough, so we've transitioned to an easy to make lactation cookie mix. Now you can enjoy the benefits and ease of an at home milk boosting cookie with a 1 year shelf life. Let's be honest though, these cookies will be eaten long before the expiration date.

Shop Wholesale

If you are a store, birth worker, or just someone who wants to buy in can now shop for our products wholesale at! 

Our Story

The Postpartum Pantry was created to help families prepare for and recover from birth by stocking their pantry's with foods that fuel, and body products that hydrate and replenish their skin. Preparing and caring for you and your family should not be stressful, we created this brand to prep your pantry for you, so you don't have to.



I LOVE the body oil!!! Smells amazing. I mix it with a little bit of (unscented) lotion then put it all over and it has brightened my tattoos SO much!!! And it doesn't feel greasy. YESSSS. Thank You!


Just used your body oil, OMG obsessed!! Goes on so smooth an smells amazing. I love that it's a pump, makes it much easier than other ones I'v used. Yours is my favorite. So light and refreshing!


It's the little things, especially postpartum. Popping this dough in the oven to have a homemade treat that's not only the best cookie I have ever  tasted but a milk booster to boot, makes for one happy momma. Trust me when I say you need these in your life.


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