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What are lactation cookies?


Lactation cookies are cookies that, when consumed regularly, are known to boost a nursing persons milk supply. All cookies in our Milk n' Cookies collection are made with milk boosting foods like oats, brewers yeast, and flaxseed.


How many cookies should I eat to notice a change in my milk supply?


We recommend eating 2-3 cookies a day to notice a boost in your milk supply. We made each cookie small because they are so good you are not going to want to stop at just one! 

Can my partner or children eat these cookies?

Yes! Our cookies are 100% natural with no synthetic flavors or dyes. Milk boosting ingredients are known to boost an already existing milk supply but will not cause anyone who is not already lactating to produce milk. Our cookies can safely be enjoyed by the whole family!

Are Milk n' Cookies products gluten or lactose free?


We recognize that many nursing parents are gluten and/or dairy free. Unfortunately, at this time we do not have gluten or dairy free options but we are working hard to create them!

Can I eat these cookies if I am pregnant?

Absolutely! All our dough is made without fenugreek, making it a safe snack for those expecting. 


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