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At The Postpartum Pantry, we're on a mission to empower families to navigate the transformative journey of birth and postpartum recovery with confidence and well-being. Founded with a deep understanding of the challenges new parents face, we're here to provide nourishing solutions that make this significant transition smoother and more enriching.

We offer a thoughtfully chosen range of nourishing foods like broths, overnight oats, and lactation cookies. Eating these nourishing foods after giving birth is crucial for rejuvenating new parents and replenishing their energy. Our products are long-lasting or frozen, so families can stock up in advance and have nutrient-packed foods ready when the time comes.

Founder Story

I started The Postpartum Pantry because I wished for this kind of support when I had my own babies. Taking care of myself while also taking care of a newborn was an overwhelming challenge I was not prepared for. Not having time or energy to make a healthy meal, I would resort to quick, not-so-healthy snacks. 

As a doula, a childbirth educator, and mother, I have seen first hand the gap in all natural foods that are built to fuel new families. I hope you enjoy using and consuming these products as much as I did creating them.


From my pantry to yours,


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