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About Us

The Postpartum Pantry helps families prepare for, and recover from birth by providing nourishing and hydrating foods and body products.


I created The Postpartum Pantry with one goal in mind, to help families be more prepared for birth recovery than I was. Learning how to care for my body while at the same time caring for my new baby was an overwhelming challenge that I was not prepared for. I hardly had time to go to the bathroom let alone prepare myself something to eat. If I did eat, I was tearing open a bag of something quick and not necessarily healthy. If only I had the knowledge and support that I do now, I would have nourished myself with products that fueled me and aided in my recovery.


The Postpartum Pantry offers foods that fuel like broths, overnight oats, & lactation cookies, and body products that hydrate you from the outside in. Consuming nourishing foods after birth helps to revitalize the mother and restore her reserves. Our consumable products are all non perishable or frozen, allowing families the opportunity to prepare their nest and store nutrient dense foods for when the time comes. 


Preparing and caring for you and your new family is a lot of work, let us help make things a little easier by stocking your pantry with everything you need to feel rested, nourished, strong, and ready to tackle the postpartum days.


About Morgan

Morgan is a mother, creator, child birth educator and birth/postpartum doula. If you are interested in working with Morgan, click below to learn more about her doula practice!

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