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The ultimate postpartum care package is here! Our Birth Bundle is a perfect opportunity to try some of our essential products that have been put together with your nourishment in mind. Look no further for the perfect gift to anyone pre or post natal, yourself included. If you or someone you know is preparing their nest, or home with a new baby, our Birth Bundle is sure to bring the love and support they deserve. 


What it includes

  1. One 16 oz bag of chocolate chip lactation cookie mix. A great snack to boost a milk supply, and just yummy treat no matter how you feed your baby! Makes about two dozen cookies.
  2.  One bag of overnight oats (one serving). This gluten free breakfast is packed with protein and fiber. Great for anyone looking for a quick, easy, and healthy breakfast! 
  3. One 4 oz bag of our Herbal Sitz Bath (contains two satchels for two seprate soaking experiences). Helps to ease discomforts of inflamation/swelling from a vaginal birth, or a calming mixture to add a little extra relaxation to any bath after a vaginal or cesarean birth!
  4. One 8 oz bottle of our Body Oil.  Nourishing and hydrating moisture for growing bellies or postpartum skin!
  5. New Addition! Our Birth Bundle now comes with one 8 oz bottle of Witch Hazel. Witch Hazel is an all natural astringent that can help keep your bottom feeling soothed and clean post birth. Apply directly to the skin by adding to a peri bottle or pad.

The Birth Bundle


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