About: Soaking your bottom in these herbs can help reduce swelling, encourage healing, and relieve inflammation after birth.


Contains: 2 satchels for 2 separate soaking experiences.


What's inside: Calendula Whole Flower, Yarrow Leaf, Witch Hazel, Oatmeal, Sea Salt


How to use: 

  • Fill sitz bath basin half way with boiling water
  • Steep sitz bath pouch for at least 10 min (the longer the better) in the boiling water
  • Fill the rest of the basin with room temp or cool water to get temperature comfortable for soaking
  • Strain pouch or leave in. Sit with bottom fully submerged in water for 10-15 min. When finished simply pat yourself dry, no need to rinse off.

*If you had a cesarean birth or don't feel the need to do a sitz bath, you can still use these pouches. Simply steep them in your bath tub and enjoy an herbal soak for your whole body!

Herbal Sitz Bath